Frequently Asked Questions

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I am having problems validating my e-mail address . What can I do?
To validate your email address you'll have to do following steps:
  1. Go to our webpage to
  2. Enter your email confirmation password
If you have forgotten your e-mail confirmation password then you can request it at any time.
Why are some members banned at PenPal World?
Member's account are getting banned if they are identified as fake users or scammers. Another reason is, if they submit very inappropriate content in form of a profile photo, message(s), or comment(s).
I can't log into my PenPal World account. Help!
If you have forgotten your password then you can you can request it at any time. Simply make sure that you enter the same email address you used to sign up at PenPal World.
What's the difference between the subscription and the one-time payment option?
The "one-time" plan will only charge you once. For example if you purchase the "one-time" 1 month VIP membership then your VIP membership will expire after 1 month. You will not be charged again and your account will be set back to FREE.

The "subscription" plan will automatically charge you for as long as you do not cancel that subscription. For example if you purchase the "subscription" 1 month VIP membership then every month you'll be automatically charged and you will remain a VIP member. This will go on as long until you cancel that subscription.

How do I cancel my VIP subscription at PayPal?
In order to cancel your active subscription simply log into your PenPal World account. Once logged in click the 'My Account' link found on the top-right side of your screen. Next click the 'Delete your Account' link in the sub-navigation.

On the next page you'll see a red notification which includes a PayPal unsubscribe button. Click that button which will take you to the PayPal website. There follow the instructions to unsubscribe your VIP membership.

Remember, you can only unsubscribe a PayPal subscription. If you upgraded your PenPal World account to VIP using PayPal one-time or your credit card on the website you do not have to cancel anything. Your VIP membership will simply expire.

How do I add/change/remove my smiley icon?
If you wish to add or change your smiley icon on your profile then simply log into your PenPal World acount. Once logged in scroll down and click the smiley animation underneath the "And how are you feeling today?:" title.

If you wish to remove your current smiley then go to the same smiley page and click the link on the left side underneath the "Can I delete my smiley?" section.

How can I add my picture to my profile?
In order to upload your profile picture you'll have to make sure that it's a JPG and less than 1 MB in size. If it is more than 1 MB then you can go to and make it smaller there.

Simply log into your PenPal World account and then click on "My Profile" and then on "Edit Your Profile Picture".

Note: If you try to upload your picture from a tablet or smart phone, it may not work, because not all are currently supported. But if you use a computer, it will work fine.

How can I block other members?
If you wish to block another member then simply go to that member's profile and click the "Block this member" link found underneath the profile photo.
Why do you review profile pictures and how long does that take?
PenPal World is serious about providing a secured and clean service. For that reason we review every new and updated profile picture first before it will be shown to other members.

This kind of review service is rare online. It takes up to 24 hours for a profile picture being reviewed but in most cases the review will take place in less than 12 hours.

Can I get more messages to send than three a day? I run out lots of times.
The paying VIP version, which is inexpensive, lets you write lots of messages, as many as most anyone could need. Go look at what you get with it. Maybe it is a good solution for you. Also, you can use your 10 comments to send short messages.
Does making someone a friend give them access to any extra information or let them send messages to you without using up their quota?
Being friend with another member does not give you access to any extra information or any other advantages. You simply make a connection as friends and that shows within both of your profiles.
A friend tried to post a comment on my profile and could not. Why did that happen?
Your friend probably already had two comments posted there. Just delete one or both of the old messages and they should be able to comment you again.
What should I do if I get confused about how to do things here or if I have a problem?
Go to support and ask Jakob. He writes thousands of responses to questions. He wrote this whole program and knows it inside out and has been working on this since Feb 1998. And he will get back to you usually within a day, or two at the most.
Why do profiles get blocked sometimes?
Everyone can block people from their own profile, just because they want to. Additionally, sometimes Penpal World blocks a profile while they check out complaints or fix other problems.
What is not okay here?
Keep it appropriate. PenPal World is about pen pals only and any attempt to use it as a dating website is not allowed. If you are an adult and you are contacting a minor you have to make sure that your age falls within their pen pal settings. Do not mass mail large numbers of the same message to other people. Keep it individualized. Do not try to scam or trick people. You are only allowed to have one account at most.
What happened to the search by date section from the last system, where you could put in a target date?
It is under revision. Eventually you will be able to search by specific date again.
What can I do as a VIP member that I can't as a free member?
Lots of things. For example, you can write a longer profile, see what the ISP number says about approximately where messages were actually mailed from, send out many more messages, see the names and numbers of who looked at your profile, have your own private mailbox here, disable your comments section, and more.
If I want to, how do I resize a message box?
Look at the right bottom corner of the box. Drag it.
How do I pause my profile, like if I am going on vacation and do not want it online for a while? If I pause a profile, what happens to it? Can it be seen?
Look for the section under My Account if you want to pause your profile. As long as you do not open the paused profile, it becomes invisible on the system. If you open it, then it shows a message saying it is paused.
How can I see who has been looking at me?
Right after you log in, go to the left bottom of the page. You'll see it, profiles viewed. Click on it. As a free member you can't see their names or IDs but you can see their pictures and when they looked at you. You can look at the first page as a free member. As a VIP you can look at everyone who viewed you, click on them, and go to their profile and check them out.
Is there a policy on friends? Some people collect them and some friend everybody and some people won't friend you unless they know you well.
It is your personal choice how you handle it and what you consider a friend. If you want to, you can say in your profile what your preference is. If you go over a certain number (lots) Penpal World may not be able to display them all though. If we have a preference here at PPW, it would be to friend friends, as it is less stress to our system than having 5,000 friends on a profile.
How do I cancel my account?
It is very easy to delete your account. You can simply log into your PenPal World account and then click the "My Account" link. Next click on the "Delete your account" link in the sub-navigation.